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NWOBHM para o Dia do Rock

Uma breve seleção de bandas da NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) para o Dia do Rock. Foi um movimento rico e sei que muita coisa relevante ficou de fora. Escolhi bandas menos conhecidas, porém de qualidade inigualável. Infelizmente não consegui localizar algumas letras.Se algum leitor puder ajudar a completar a postagem ficarei grato.

Um bom Dia do Rock para todos!

Tysondog - Painted Heroes

Words of anger scream in my head
But I can't think straight my mind is dead
The words you've spoken cut like a knife
So many times I've lived this life

Don't take it all away

Fight the tide back turn & run
I know I'm not the only one
So much is different so much has changed
But things can never stay the same

Don't take it all away

Paited hero's stand cold in command
Faceless warriors lie dead in the sand
Killer legions lay waste to the land
Marching south to the house of the damned

I see clearly but your so blind
An honest face is hard to find
I've walked alone,I've walked with men
But I may never walk again

Don't take it all away

Witchfynde - The Divine Victim

Pagan Altar - Sentinels of Hate

People often now stand and stare
And wonder who could they be
That would leave such a lasting
Tribute to their lives
But they never look down in the undergrowth
At the pile of broken stone
Or spare a thought
For all the young men who have died

Ruined Chapels and neglected graves
Have masked the truth for years
Only mangled limbs
Bear witness to their pain
Their lord and masters pampered lives
Are marked by a granite tomb
But in death the bones
Will always look the same

The hooves of black plumed horses
Are silent on the cobbled streets
And a rusty lock secures the cemetery gates
The age is long since dead and gone
When they ruled in our domain
All that's left are these sentinels of hate

Stone and marble pillars reaching higher
Pointing ever upward to the skies
Looking down on the rank and file
Beneath them in the cold dark ground
As they'd done throughout their selfish lives
All through there lives!

Evening falls to cast shadows ever longer
To slowly move across each soul again
As if to say look up to me
I'm still your master as I'll always be
Even in death our roles are still the same
They haven't changed!
Ashes down to ashes, dust down to dust
It was the children born with a silver spoon
And dealt the kind hand of fate
Created these monoliths to power
Built these sentinels of hate!

Their pious names cut deep into the marble
Clear for all to see down though the years
The means to their success lies buried
In crumbling vaults with broken headstones
No reflection left of all the tears
Shed down the years

Mendes Prey - Running for you (1982)

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Insanity

I walk around this place each day
See those kids, what do they say
The air is empty - I'm left alone
They speak to me in this accusing tone


Clouds part and I can see the sky
The wind rushes through my mind
Will they take me? Will I be known?
Forever you'll be banished I hear one moan


I know you're there in a space in time
I see its life evolve like mine
Although we're gone, when I dream I find
In the end we'll all be caught by time

 Mythra - Death And Destiny

A lonely life of mystery beyond the realms of sanity.
Pictures flash,
illusions spread propaganda for the dead.
Curiosity plants a bitter seed of clutching hands and mindless greed.
Murder, mayhem, savage sin for those who let the devil in.

Death and Destiny

Poetic justice to laugh at sight as blind lead blind towards the light.
A hollow sense of hollow greed to bite the hand that tries to feed.
Reality is never there for those who try so hard to compare
themselves with someone in their mind
tremendous foresight but oh so blind.

Death and Destiny

Searching brings despair, so don't seek
Seeing does not believe, so don't look
Loving brings pain, so don't love
Living brings death, so don't live

Death and Destiny

Elixir -  Dead Man's Gold  

On the day that we set sail
The sun rose on a shiny sea
Spray fell in a misty veil
And we were free

We heard tales in the tavern
We heard the legends told
Of one man's buried treasure
The story of a dead man's gold

For three months we had sailed
On rough and stormy seas
Heading for an inland cove
To find our destiny

On the voyage we all remembered
All the stories we'd been told
Of one man's buried treasure
The stories of a dead man's gold

When we saw the headland rising
Blue skies and pure white sands
With our hopes held in our hearts
And our maps held in our hands

Soon our dreams has all been shattered
We believed the lies of old
We spend our whole lives chasing fables
The ghosts of a dead man's gold  

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